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Tasting Farmers Market Tomatoes

Eleven varieties of farmers market tomatoes
Green zebra
Mr. Stripey
Purple Cherokee
Carolina Gold
Brandywine and Pineapple
Cherokee green, Great White, Torbay
Oregon spring and Early Girl
Nichols Farm: green zebra, Cherokee green, Carolina gold, Torbay, Mr. Stripey, great white
Scheeringa Farms: green zebra, purple Cherokee, pineapple, brandywine, Mr. Stripey
Linda: "Looks can be deceiving." When it comes to tomatoes, truer words were never spoke. Did you know that most store-bought tomatoes are picked well before they are ripe and then ripened using ethylene gas? So a red tomato isn't necessarily a sweet tomato. Ripening a tomato on the vine and picking it at the optimal moment is the best...
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