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Introducing the Essential Chef Crew

Richard Cusick. On-camera chef for lesson 1. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, taught for four years at CHIC, worked at a number of four star restaurants, including Charlie Trotter's and Everest, and served in R&D positions for several food companies, including Barry Callebaut and Kellogg’s.

Nancy Watrous. Producer of lesson 1. An extensive background in feature and commercial film production. Currently the executive director of Chicago Film Archives.

Mike Artlip. On-camera chef for lesson 2. A graduate of Kendall College, has taught for over 25 years at Kendall College. In 2007 he received the Central Region Educator of the Year Award from the American Culinary Federation.

Walker Thisted. Producer of lesson 2. MFA from SAIC in film, video and new media. Independent film and video producer. Principal of Naught Company.

Linda Thisted. President of the Essential Chef, LLC. Completed the basic training for the culinary certificate at CHIC (Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago).

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