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Taco Crawl

Freshly roasted peppers at Tierra Caliente #1
Spit of roasted pork at Tierra Caliente #1
Taco Arabes at Cemitas Puebla
Chorizo taco at Cemitas Puebla
Making tortillas at Birrieria Zaragoza
Large goat platter at Birriera Zaragoza
Traditional taco condiments at Birrieria Zaragoza
Linda: Meat, onions, cilantro, salsa, in a corn tortilla, served with a wedge of lime – a traditional, authentic Mexican taco. Not fancy, just delicious, if well prepared. Fortunately Chicago has a large Mexican population, so there are many, many taquerias to choose from. We were looking for places that have food that tastes home-made, like our gr...
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