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Food Truck Tasting

Food trucks at the University of Chicago

Sharon and I continue our search for a great lunchtime meal, this time by visiting food trucks on the University of Chicago campus. 

Lined up on two adjacent streets -- University Avenue and Ellis Avenue around 58th street -- are about ten food trucks, offering everything from pizza, to tacos, to rice bowls, to classic sandwiches. 

We decided to choose the trucks with the longest lines, in hopes that these places had the best offerings. 

Our choices ran the gamut – from a classic pulled pork sandwich at Soho, to a chicken and rice bowl at Naan Sense, to Korean fusion tacos at BoB Cha.

Soho Food Truck. 

They offer standard-sounding fare like burgers, reubens, fried chicken, and pulled pork sandwiches. 

But their execution is anything but standard.Hands down, the BBQ pulled pork sandwich ($7.95) and the garlic aioli fries ($3.95) were our favorites of the day. 

We couldn't stop eating the fries, which were topped with an addictive garlic aioli mayonnaise. 

BBQ pulled pork sandwich from Soho

Our only suggestion would be to ask for the mayonnaise on the side, so that the top layer of fries weren't drenched. 

The pulled pork sandwich was so delicious!The pork was flavorful, the sauce was tangy but not too spicy, the brioche bun was soft but held up well to the moist pork. 

I liked the pickles on top, but Sharon isn't a pickle fan. 

We both agreed that the slice of American cheese on top was unnecessary. And if you are going to put on a slice of cheese, it should be melted.

Naan Sense Food Truck. 

For $8 you can create you can mix and match proteins, sauce, and toppings to create your own rice bowl.We chose the chicken and rice bowl, with savory tomato sauce, and the apple sweet and sour tamarind topping.

I thought it was good; Sharon was underwhelmed. After the pulled pork sandwich, maybe our taste buds were expecting more. 

I thought that it had a well-balanced sweet and sour taste, and it certainly was a healthier choice than Soho.

BoB Cha Food Truck. 

We loved the idea of Korean fusion tacos and the line at BoB Cha was long so we thought we were in for a treat.

We chose the three taco combo ($8, which includes a drink) – beef, spicy pork, and pork belly. All had the same toppings -- cabbage, corn, cheese, tomato, onion, and a sweet dressing. A spicy sauce came on the side. 

The presentation of the tacos was beautiful, but the tacos themselves were disappointing. The meat, both the beef and the pork, was grisly, and the overall flavor profile was too sweet for both of us. We didn't add the hot sauce because it was too spicy.

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