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The Essential Chef teaches you in the same way professional chefs are trained, by teaching fundamental food science principles and cooking techniques. Cooking techniques are demonstrated by Culinary School Instructors who have trained hundreds of professional culinary students. Food science principles are those taught in professional culinary schools. They allow you to understand the “why’s” of recipes. 

Each lesson creates a meal: a protein, a starch, and a vegetable.

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Lesson 1

Teaches you how to sauté a fish fillet; make a green salad with a vinaigrette dressing; and prepare tender, flaky biscuits.

Technique videos include: sharpening knives, cutting fat into flour, mincing shallots, chopping herbs, creaming garlic, filleting a whole fish, sautéing fish, preparing greens, clarifying butter.

Food science principles include how to select knives and cookware, “mis en place”, purchasing and storing fish, how to choose and store greens, basics of sautéing, the role of gluten in flour, elements needed to create a tender and flaky biscuit, and the value of measuring by weight versus volume.

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Lesson 2

Teaches you how to roast and carve a chicken, make a pan sauce; create a grain salad with roasted peppers, tomatoes, and olives; and make green beans with pine nuts.

Technique videos include: calibrating and using an instant read thermometer, roasting poultry, carving poultry, making a roux, preparing a pan sauce, roasting and skinning peppers, peeling, seeding and dicing tomatoes, pitting olives, browning nuts, cooking beans.

Principle sections include sanitation essentials, explanation of the food danger zone, roasting principles, roux as a thickener, fresh produce basics, grain types and uses.

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