Make a Salad

icon videoWe want a salad with a mixture of textures, flavors, and color. We're using romaine for crunchiness, radicchio for color and a bit of bitterness, and some baby greens for tenderness and flavor.

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Mincing Shallots

icon videoShallots are the sublime cousins to others in the onion family. Their subtle flavor lends a sophisticated touch to wine sauces and vinargretes. The essential key to allowing them to melt into your sauces is to finely mince them. Follow along in this video as Chef Richard shows you the proper techniques.

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Creaming Garlic

icon videoGarlic is a essential ingredient to many, many recipes and its health benefits have been well documented. However, few people appreciate chewing on large bits and pieces. Follow along as Chef Richard demonstrates an easy and fool-proof method for mincing garlic into a velvety paste that disappears into soups and melts into vinaigrettes.

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