Lesson 1: Biscuit Quiz

After reviewing the principles and techniques sections of Lesson 1: Biscuits, test your knowledge by taking the quiz. Don't worry, you won't be graded.

Biscuit Review

1. For which of the following does one cup weigh 8 ounces? (choose all that apply)

  A. Water

  B. Flour

  C. Eggs

  D. Milk


A, C, D.

A cup of water, milk, or eggs weighs 8 ounces. A cup of flour weighs about 4 ounces. But as you most certainly know by now, it's far more accurate to weigh flour than to measure it in a cup -- even in a measuring cup!

2. How many tablespoons of water in an ounce?


Put another way, one tablespoon of water is equal to half an ounce.

3. Which flour type has the lowest protein level?

  A. Pastry

  B. Cake

  C. Bread

  D. All-Purpose


Working our way up the protein level ladder, the order is: cake, pastry, all purpose, and bread.

4. What creates tenderness and flakiness in biscuits?

  A. Gluten

  B. Fat

  C. Baking powder

  D. Mixing


B. Fat.

It shortens the gluten strands and creates the flakes or layers in the dough. This same principle applies to creating flaky pie crusts. If gluten is over-developed through over-mixing, tenderness decreases.

5. Gluten is developed by mixing after liquid has been added. (T or F)




Once liquid has been added to create a dough, any mixing at all will develop the strands of gluten in the dough. Were you making bread, you would knead considerably more in order to develop the gluten strands.

6. Recipes set the baking temperatures so that the product is cooked through at the same time the outside is correctly browned. (T or F)




Indeed, under ideal conditions. But some ovens are temperamental creatures and don't heat exactly to the displayed temperature. You must always take into account that the oven's top rack will be hotter than its bottom one. And be careful of changing the thickness of your product from that of the recipe -- and then relying on color to tell you when its done. You could end up with a gloppy interior.

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